Holiday Food and Wine Pairing

As we enter the holiday season every one is marking their calendars to squeeze in as many get togethers, festive parties, and year end celebrations as possible. Like many, you are usually wondering what wine to bring or what wine to serve. Here are a few idea's and tips to help guide you to success this year. 

1) Choose complimentary pairings: 
LIGHT with LIGHT and BOLD with BOLD.

2) Match flavours in order to enhance perception of taste:

3) Keep in mind the fundamentals of flavour balancing:

Holiday Charcuterie Board

This is a super simple, ready made charcuterie board. All ingredients were purchased at Loblaws.

  • Oak aged Chardonnay is great with hard salty cheeses or very ripened soft cheese, as it has enough weight and richness on the palate so it harmonizes well with the cheese.

  • Pinot Noir that has depth in colour and those typical earthy, mushroom, ripened fruit characters goes wonderfully with duck and antipasto misto. The flavours are rich and salty but not too bold for a lighter bodied red wine. 

Ingredients purchased for the board.

Happy Holidays!


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